• Enemas- A wonder to heal and detox your body

    A healthy body is a sine qua non condition to have a good life. If you don not have health basically you cannot think of achieving anything. You can not live fully let alone explore the magnificence of spirituality if you have to devote energy to sickness and disease. That is why I want to let you know about a detox technique that is excellent for your body and in the prevention of disease. This therapy is the so-called coffee enemas and are on of the top ways to remove toxins and free radicals from your body

    What are enemas?

    First of all, enemas do not belong to modern medicine. Enemas are an ancient practice first used in Ancient Egypt to achieve good health and heal different diseases. The greeks, hindis and chinese also wrote about the importance of this cleansing detox ritual. More recently this detox technique has gained popularity due to some hollywood stars promoting its benefits such as Janeth Jackson

    Coffee enemas stimulate the liver to produce healthy enzymes for more oxygen uptake. This was found by Dr. Max Gerson is a german doctor who challenged orthodox medicine. He demonstrated, after several clinical trials, the benefits of coffee enemas. With this therapy, he treated hundreds of cancer patients who had failed with other therapies. Today there is a Gerson Institute after his name in which terminal patients are healed. This institute is the biggest precursor of coffee enemas as a non toxic way of healingLet me reproduce a text from a Gerson Institute paper about coffee enemas
    [Reproduction starts]

    A Gerson patient holds the coffee enema in the colon for 12-15 minutes. During this time, the body’s entire blood supply passes through the liver 4-5 times, detox comes from carrying poisons picked up from the tissues. So the enema acts as a form of dialysis of the blood across the gut wall detoxing and healing your body. A patient coping with a chronic e disease or an acute illness can achieve the following benefits from the lowering of blood serum toxin levels achieved by regular administration of coffee enemas:
    1) increased cell energy production
    2) enhanced tissue health
    3) improved blood circulation
    4) better immunity and tissue repair and
    5) cellular regeneration

    [Reproduction ends]

    A good detox plan

    Let me tell you about my experience with this detox plan which I learnt about it with a neurologist. This man studied at the Gerson Institute and later on decided to help cancer patients with coffee enemas. Thus, he opened his own detox center. I stayed with them for three days and my detox plan included:

    1. more than 5 enemas during that weekend
    2. a low fat diet
    3. meditation and other relaxation techniques

    I can tell you that I left the center with 2.5 kilos less of toxins, flat stomach, improved digestion, glowing skin and feeling great!. Nowadays I continue with my detox plan regularly and keep enjoying the benefits of this wonder therapy. I usually have 1 or 2 coffee enemas per month

    Another thing I learnt at this healing center that weekend is that regarding our health, we should not be patients, we should be actives. We have to learn to heal our bodies and we have to know how to take care of ourselves and not wait for others to do so. Remember it is your health, your body, your decision, be an active not a patient

    You can research on your own

    If you need more info. Contact us and we will explain it in detail for free

  • No necesitas hacer dietas, mejor conoce como funciona tu cuerpo

    Te cuesta bajar de peso? Almacenas grasa abdominal? Te sientes cansado o cansada? Cuando esto sucede, piensas que debes hacer un resta de calorías que ingieres menos calorías que quemas, si hay calorías a favor vas a subir de peso. Haces dietas, buscas alimentos bajos en calorias etc etc. Bueno déjame decirte que no es un tema de cantidades, de hacer dieta y calorie counting sino de entender como funciona tu cuerpo

    Las dietas

    Hay otro lado de las dietas y calorías menos conocido, lo aprendí de un doctor que estudia el metabolismo en su Instituto en Méjico. Se trata de la calidad de las calorías y esto es clave porque tiene implicaciones no sólo en tu peso sino en tu salud. Los alimentos que consumimos generan respuestas hormonales y químicas en nuestro cuerpo que determinan tu ritmo metabólico, es decir la manera en que tu cuerpo quema o almacena grasa y marcan el desarrollo de futuras enfermedades como la diabetes

    Conoce tu cuerpo

    No es lo mismo consumir 200 calorías de vegetales a 200 calorías de un postre. La respuesta hormonal es muy diferente. Te lo explico de manera breve: cada vez que comes, tu cuerpo crea glucosa, se estimula el pancreas y este produce insulina, hormona que ordena a las células y músculos que absorban la glucosa que está en la sangre. Todo lo que no se absorba (y en realidad no se absorbe mucho a no ser que vengas de una maratón!) se almacena como grasa. La insulina también inhibe al glucagon, hormona encargada de quemar grasa. En resumen, la liberación de insulina produce que se almacene grasa y cuando no hay insulina en exceso por ahi, el cuerpo puede usar grasa como fuente de energía

    Para continuar con el ejemplo: si ingerimos 200 calorías de verduras, por la fibra de las verduras la glucosa se elevará, pero de manera lenta al igual la insulina y no habrá almacenamiento de grasa. Si consumes 200 calorías de un postre dulce, se dispara la insulina y almacenas grasa. Ves? La diferencia está en como tu cuerpo reacciona. Con cada pico de insulina tus gorditos se agrandan y acostumbras a tu cuerpo a producir cantidades altas de insulina y entonces es cuando casi todo lo que comes se vuelve grasa, empiezas a crear resistencia a la insulina y otras condiciones pre diabéticas que no queremos para ti.

    No necesitas hacer dietas

    Si entendemos como funcionan nuestros cuerpos y aprendemos a ver sus reacciones, no hay necesidad de hacer dieta, aprende a evitar picos de insulina y los alimentos que los causan. Observa como te sientes después de comer ciertos alimentos o combinaciones. Conoce a tu cuerpo y sus reacciones. Evita alimentos que generen una respuesta insulínica alta, a veces puedes incluso ingerirlos solo que de una manera más inteligente

    Por ejemplo: si vas a tomar jugo de frutas es mejor que tenga muucha pulpa o mejor aun si te decides por la fruta. La fibra de la pulpa hace el proceso mas lento para el cuerpo y no se genera un pico de insulina. Si vas a comer pan es mejor comerlo con mantequilla por la misma razon, la grasa de la mantequilla hara que tu cuerpo se demore en procesar el pan y no generaras el pico de insulina. Si quieres un postre es mejor comerlo junto con la comida no solo ya que el cuerpo esta en proceso de digestion y el postre sera procesado con todo lo demás

    Es muy cierto que para perder grasa o peso hay que quemar calorías, pero ten también en cuenta la calidad de esas calorías, el como y cuando las consumes. Busca alimentos nutritivos, grasas buenas, fibra, proteínas y sobre todo alimentos que te gusten, no tienes que ser miserable ni andar de dieta en dieta. Cada cuerpo es diferente y en particular hombres y mujeres somos hormonalmente muy diferentes. Los hombres tienen mas masa muscular y responden mejor a los carbohidratos que las mujeres, quienes responden mejor a grasas y proteínas

    No necesitas hacer dieta solo conocer a la maravilla que es tu cuerpo


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  • Detox your body with this home made detox tea

    Do you want to lose weight or just feel better?  In both cases detoxing is key. One of the best health tips I have ever received is to drink detox waters or detox tea. My favourite is lemon + baking soda early in the mornings. It is simple to get and simple to prepare at home. Let me tell you about it

    Lemons are well known for their antibacterial, antiviral properties. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. They are very helpful in fighting certain diseases and can help you to loose weight, detox, whilst improving your immune system

    Baking soda is part of the natural mineral natron. Its medical use was popularized more than 150 years ago. Many people are aware of its household use but few know about its medicinal properties. It helps maintain the ph balance in the bloodstream and it is a potent fungus killer, that’s why it is recommended to fight colds and influenza and even cancer

    Warm water is also very powerful. Yes! Many of us drink water in the morning but usually we take it cold. However drinking very warm water in the morning can heal you, aiding you body to get rid of toxins or metabolic water and giving your digestion more power. Oriental cultures drink warm tea all day long, teas or waters they called holy waters. To get the most benefits the water temperature, it has to be hot enough to make you sweat, but not too hot to burn your mouth

    So lemons, baking soda and warm water are definitely beneficial to your health and help your body detox. So how to take advantage of them?. An easy way is to drink a detx tea made of: 1 cup of warm lemon water (1 squeezed lemon) plus a bit of baking soda (1/4 teaspoon) first thing in the morning before eating. It has to be in the morning, at night is way to acid for you stomach

    I have been drinking this wonder detox tea and I can tell the benefits I have experienced:

    1. Improve Digestion
    2. Avoid Constipation
    3. Improves Circulation
    4. Soothes a sore throat
    5. Clears your skin
    6. Helps you controlling your weight
    7. Flattens your stomach

    Give it a try! if you feel good pass the formula of this detox tea on

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  • Achieve Balance – How can Ayurvedic medicine help you?

    Ayurveda is a holistic type of medicine from India. Ayurvedic medicine works on the assumption that a person’s health depends not just on her body but on the balance between mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic therapies focus on promoting health not on fighting symptoms and diseases. Different factors can affect this balance including, but not limited to: Your age, body composition (prakriti), past injuries and traumas, weather and seasons, emotions and lifestyle amongst others

    According to ayurvedic medicine, we all are composed of different elements and their combinations. These elements are: Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Ether/ Void/Space. The way these elements combine each other give birth to your ayurvedic type or the fundamental energies that govern our structures and lives, known as doshas in Sanskrit

    • Vata dosha (wind and ether)
    • Kapha dosha (earth and water)
    • Pitta dosha (fire and water)

    Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.59.18 AM

    Achieve Balance

    These doshas shape our nature and balance. For instance if your ayurvedic type or dosha is Vata you tend to have a thin frame, long fingers, to be creative and energetic. With a Kapha dosha, you tend to be easy-going, fun and patient. If your dosha is Pitta then you are powerful, ambitious and smart. We are all combinations of these three but we have a predominant one

    By knowing your dosha, understanding if you are Vata, Kapha or Pita you can easily learn about your balance, your nature, read the signals your body sends you, the types of situations, foods and emotions that balance or imbalance you, the diseases you are more prone to get and so forth. Such an understanding brings you the awareness to act and adapt your lifestyle to the one that goes with your nature and helps you feel better, balanced and happy

    Let me tell you about my experience. My ayurvedic type is a classical Vata, so when I am balanced, I am lively and creative. When imbalanced due to too much movement, cold meals or by certain conditions in the weather I tend to feel bad, catch colds and get anxious. I have adapted my diet to an ayurvedic diet, the type of exercise and sleep routine to one that suits me and that has help me to achieve balance in many ways such as a stable weight, getting rid of damaging emotions, improve my skin and in general to feel better

    It is important to identify your ideal state of balance, determine what puts you off balance and correct it using non invasive ayurvedic techniques such as: changes in your diet, herbal teas, massages, meditation and more to bring back balance to your life, you can loose weight, let go anxieties or fears and find your balance. Start by identifying your dosha with this dosha test from the Chopra Center: http://doshaquiz.chopra.com/


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  • No necesitas hacer dieta para quemar grasa, necesitas activar tu máquina quema grasa

    Bajar de peso y verse bien implica quemar grasa. Para ésto debemos entender antes como nuestro cuerpo quema grasa. Lo primero que debes saber es que tenemos dos tipos de grasas: la grasa marrón o parda y la blanca. Las grasas blancas es la que nos hace sufrir cuando se almacena, una reserva de energía que además ayuda al cuerpo a mantenerse en su temperatura adecuada

    La grasa marrón se encuentra cerca de órganos, glándulas y de la columna vertebral funcionando como un protector de estas partes tan sensibles. La grasa marrón es aproximadamente el 10% de la grasa de nuestro cuerpo pero consume el 25% de las calorías ingeridas, está compuesta por células generadoras de energía llamadas mitocondrias que contienen hierro, lo que les da su color marrón y esto la hace un tejido metabólicamente muy activo, un centro generador de energía y calor que regula el peso, la temperatura y es capaz de quemarlo todo hasta la grasa ya acumulada y por ende puede llevarnos a bajar de peso y a sentirnos de maravilla!

    Entonces, ¿Cómo podemos bajar de peso? La respuesta: logrando que la grasa marrón sea más activa!

    Un ácido de la familia de los omegas 6 el ácido gamalinoleico es un nutriente clave para a grasa marrón, se sabe que los ácidos grasos no deben administrarse solos sino en compañía de los omegas 3. En síntesis los omegas 3 y 6 activan la grasa marron

    Alimentos claves que contienen estos ácidos y que debes introducir en tu dieta con moderación son:

    • Pescados de agua fría
    • Tahini o pasta de ajonjolí es un aliado delicioso para reemplazar opciones de untar menos saludables
    • Humus
    • Pistachos, nueces y semillas en general
    • Aceites vegetales  instaurados, prensados en frio y empacados en botella oscura. El mas fácil de conseguir es el de oliva aunque no contiene todos los ácidos esenciales ya que es de la familia omega 9. Busca otras opcines como palma o ajonjoli
    • La linaza es un buen complemento ya que contiene Omegas 3 y 6, se debe triturar y usar para espolvorear sobre las comidas en reemplazo por ejemplo del queso parmesano. No la compres ya triturada porque lo más probable es que ya este oxidada

    Por último puedes decidirte por suplementos, solo ten cuidado con las dosis. Por lo general los fabricantes de suplementos recomiendan en sus empaques dosis muy altas que lejos de ayudar empeoran la situación ya que el cuerpo no puede absorber tanto omega, este se queda en la sangre oxigenándose, generando radicales libres y haciendo la tarea mas difícil al corazón. Te recomiendo que leas más sobre el tema. Mi autor favorito y que te recomiendo es Sacha Barrio Healy

    Activa tu máquina quema grasa y mejoraras no solo tu peso sino tu metabolismo.

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  • Making good habits, breaking bad habits – Remember you have a plastic brains

    Neuroscience has shown that our brains are plastic, yes we have plastic brains. This this is what scientists call brain plasticity or neuroplasticity, meaning we can change our brains, we can make good habits and breal bad habits. We can learn new things even at the age of 90!.Our bad habits are stored in our brains and neuroscience has shown the are two ways to make good habits and overcome bad habits. First, habits are usually triggered by something, an event, a feeling, a person and second you have to replace the bad habit for a new habit. These good habits are usually called rituals

    So first, you must identify your trigger, you gotta work on this one! so does your bad habit appear when you are confronted?, when looking at the mirror? So the idea is that you are aware of this and when the situation appears you have your Plan B at hand and instead of falling into the bad habit you apply your rituals

    Now lets talk about rituals. Rituals help you get connected to your goal and are the only bridge that will take you there. Without them it is easy to get lost and even start thinking that may be that wish is not just for you. Imagine any area of your life and just think about the little actions and decisions that day by day you make or take and how they set you closer or further apart from your desired outcome

    Lets say that you want to improve your physical appearance, then please don’t be shy with the target, trust me! don’t just say: “I want to improve”. Say: “God yes!! I want my best body ever!!”. Something that inspires you, challenging enough and reachable,and make sure you can easily check for improvements

    How to create these rituals? Write down the 3 bad habits that are stopping you (STOP DOING) and then write the 3 rituals (good habits) that will replace the old ones (START DOING)

    Here is my example:
    Stop Doing (bad habits) 

    1. Drinking beer during the week
    2. Eating pizzas and carbs at night
    3. Eating chocolates every time I see one. (this is difficult)

    Start Doing (good rituals) 

    1. Lemon+ cayenne pepper tea 2 times a day
    2. 1 enema cleansing every month
    3. At least 3 exercises activities in the week: Gym/ yoga session /running

    Then commit to what you wrote (A PERSONAL COMMITMENT WITH YOURSELF!). When the trigger arrives you will not jump into the old bad habit and instead you will apply your brand new ritual. There are terrible habits that can kill your happiness and success like the habit of telling yourself you wont achieve anything, the habit of telling others what they have to do, the habits keeping you in the couch instead of working on your body. But you are more than that, you created those habit and now it is their time to go!

    Apply the TRIGGER STOP START. You will develop good habits to take you anywhere

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