• Alcanzar el Exito extraordinario – El efecto Dominó

    Exito extraordinario y dominó

    El record mundial de caída de fichas de dominó lo consiguió un holandés en el año 2009. En ese momento él logro alinear casi 4.5 millones de fichas, las cuales se derribaron una tras otra al mover el primer dominó. A raíz de este record, en 1993 el American Journal of Physics publicó un paper en el que se demostró que una ficha de dominó no solo era capaz de derribar más fichas, sino que podía derribar otra ficha 50% mayor en tamaño

    El efecto dominó es algo grande

    Imagina si esta secuencia continuara con fichas de dominó cada vez más grandes. ¿Que pasaría?. El resultado desafía el pensamiento. Lo que sucedería es que la ficha número 10 sería del tamaño de un ser humano grande. La ficha número treinta sería del tamaño del Monte Everest y la ficha 57 tendría ¡el tamaño de la distancia que hay entre Tierra y Luna!

    Tu éxito extraordinario

    Entonces al pensar en el éxito que deseas para tu vida. ¿Por qué apuntas a los resultados de la primera ficha del dominó y no a los de la número 57?, ¿Por qué no apuntas a la Luna?. Te propongo que empieces a apuntar al éxito y no cualquier clase de éxito sino al éxito extraordinario. El que se logra pieza a pieza

    Obtener éxito extraordinario en tu vida es exactamente como la progresión de las fichas de dominó. Basta mover una ficha, la correcta, para que desencadenes una fuerza con una potencia capaz de llegar a la Luna. Es importante que recuerdes, que como en el dominó, el éxito extraordinario es secuencial y no simultáneo. Y como toda buena progresión matemática, lo que empieza linealmente acaba creciendo geométricamente

    Cuando ves a alguien que ha acumulado una fortuna, esta persona la ha hecho con el tiempo. Si conoces a un experto en un tema, esta persona ha ido adquiriendo sus conocimientos con el tiempo. Cuando ves a los número 1 en cualquier disciplina, ves que han logrado su lugar con el tiempo. La clave del éxito extraordinario es “con el tiempo”

    Así que ya lo sabes. El éxito extraordinario, el que queremos para ti, es planeado y secuencial. Una cosa primero que la otra



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  • Rebirthing- The art of breathing to heal yourself

    Rebirthing is a technic based on conscious and connected breathing exercises created by Leonard Orr. He proposed that by fixing your breathing pattern you can cure disease, release pain and childhood traumas. Basically it consists of breathing with no pause between inhalation and exhalation. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals and most young children. The idea is that with the power of your breath you integrate negative experiences without having to rationalize them as in psychoanalysis

    How does rebirthing work?

    Important experiences and events are stored in our bodies, particularly shocking ones where the brain triggered a body reaction such as fight or flight. We go around carrying those imprints in our bodies. For instance, you may get a stiff neck or an aching stomach if asked to speak to a crowd. May be in the past such an experience did not go very well or you fear to be taken as a fool and your body is letting you know. The body can only express itself with sensations

    When you practice conscious breathing what you do is that you inhale prana or the force of inspired air.  It also known as chi in chinese medicine. The deeper breathing enriches the blood oxygen supply, which goes to the brain, lungs, heart, and capillaries, balancing the nervous system

    My first rebirthing session

    I came to know rebirthing some years ago. In my first rebirthing session, the rebirther taught me the different kind of traumas and basic fears humans suffer and how breathing can help in the healing process. I was asked to relax and just start breathing. I breath for as long as I could following my rebirthers guidance and rhythm

    It felt like running a marathon!.. It was exhausting!
    I realized how disconnected from my own breath I was. During the day we breath inconsistently and unconsciously without even realize it. We take time to eat, to sleep but not to breath. Although we need air in the same way we need food and sleep

    Rebirthing needs some sessions

    In the next sessions, I managed to breath for longer periods. Suddenly my hands felt paralyzed, twisted and hard. I kept feeling that awful pain for the next 6 to 8 sessions. The rebirther explained to me that stiffness is a way fear is stored in the body. Under stress your body becomes stiff. Fears manifest themselves with different sensations and in different parts of your body. The idea is to observe these sensations as they appear without judging. You don’t have to rationalize them, you just breath and prana will do the work

    Over the next sessions I felt my mouth as if covered by a plastic wrap and unable to speak, another kind of fear was showing up. This time related to communication. The intense sensations some weird and some painful kept appearing here and there

    The Bliss

    Sessions passed by and the pain disappeared, my hands were not stiff anymore and my mouth relaxed. One day, after a long session of good breathing I felt the so-called bliss!. It is state of love full of joy, peace and understanding that comes from high levels of prana in your body and mind. You feel your whole body vibrating and immense gratitude. Magnificent!

    Rebirthing taught me we carry on our fears as backpacks. With time this extra weight becomes painful. Stress is painful and you can choose fun and not pain by breathing out your fears

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